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Havana Cartel: afro-cuban (and more!) indie clothing for spicy people!

Havana Cartel

Directed by the ruthless dictator Esteban El Primero, the Cartel’s main ambition is to conquer the world (yeah, just that) and to make new followers of the cult the Cartel.

Spicy, did we say spicy?

Hot chilli sauce, harissa and pili-pili lovers, come this way! You’re at the right place: our indie clothing apparel is hot and spicy, just waiting for you to wear. So, what’s your favourite color?

Cuba yes, but not only

Sure, by now you’ve probably spotted the big massive star and the not-so-hidden references to Cuba. But Havana Cartel is much more than that: it’s a blend of many many (many!) cultures.

Compañera? Compañero?

To become Compañera or Compañero of the Cartel, it’s easy as ABC : just wear some Havana Cartel, and send your selfies facebook or twitter, with the hashtag #havanacartel. Vamos!